Minutes of Board Meeting
Officers and Directors Meeting
Chef's Palette Café & Grill - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007. In attendance were the following board members: Richard Stafford, Lee Smolinski, Joe Ogni, Carlos Banks, Sandy Saposnick, Peter Berlin and Wayne M Lampert.

The minutes of the November 2006 meeting were unanimously accepted.

Carlos Banks gave the Treasurers report. The club had a net income for fiscal 2006 of $4,385.36 and has cash on hand of $7,125.40. The largest expense still pending is the filing for tax exempt status equal to $750.00. With the use of the new edition of Quick Books we are now able to view all accounts with specific account numbering. The Treasurer's report was unanimously accepted. The budget for 2007 was reviewed and approved unanimously.

SIUSA representative Lee Smolinski presented the slate of candidates for election that evening which included the following:
President - Wayne M Lampert
Vice President - Peter Berlin
Secretary - Paul Cook
Treasurer - Carlos Banks
SUISA Representative - Lee Smolinski
Board Members - Dick Stafford, Paul Alterman, Teresa Nix, and Joe Ogni.

Wayne M Lampert gave the report on future meeting venues. The following places are either confirmed or under consideration:
February - Marriott City Place - West Palm Beach
March - Marriott - Delray Beach
April - 30th anniversary and Black - Tie Installation Dinner at the Breakers - West Palm
May - Cypress Creek Marriott - Cypress Creek
June- Rocky's Italian Bistro - Delray Beach
September - Benvenuto Restaurant - Boynton Beach
October - Sawgrass Marriott - Sawgrass
November - Columbia Restaurant - West Palm Beach
December - Annual Holiday Black Tie Party - Brooks Restaurant - Deerfield Beach
January 2008 - Chef's Palette Café & Grill - Ft. Lauderdale

Carlos Banks gave the membership report and discussion was had regarding the Sarasota and Greensboro clubs that have recently been deactivated and those clubs which are pending deactivation. Carlos reviewed the status of membership renewals for 2007. To date 5 individuals have not renewed their membership due to relocation or business reasons. It was noted that our club had the greatest % increase in membership of all the clubs in Region IV.

A motion was made and carried that all new transferees or new retired members will be required to pay for a minimum of 3 dinners with their dues. Existing life members will not be required to pay a minimum number of dinners. All new member applications must be accompanied by a valid credit card number. There is a new category of membership - Golf Clubs.

Discussion was had regarding the Golf Tournament for 2007. No decision as to location was made.

During Welfare discussions a motion was made and carried to donate to the BMW Fund the sum of $500.00. An additional donation to the Adam Walsh Foundation was discussed and will be looked into.

It was discussed and decided that this year's 30th Anniversary of the Club shall be celebrated at the Annual Installation Dinner to be held on April 17th. It will be a Black-Tie affair and the following suggestions were noted:

  • Check with the Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach for availability.
  • Invite those Past Presidents who are still members.
  • Present a program of music consisting of the music of the past 30 years (This program to be coordinated by Peter Berlin).
  • Invite the Presidents of SIUSA, NAASC, and SKAL INTERNATIONAL to attend.

It was further discussed and decided that outside speakers are encouraged to be part of the meetings in the upcoming year and will be handled with recommendations from the board and the membership at large. Peter Berlin will coordinate these efforts.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:24PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Wayne M Lampert
Acting Secretary