Minutes of Board Meeting
City Place Marriott, West Palm Beach
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Those present at the meeting were: Dick Stafford, Carlos Banks, Peter Berlin, Joe Ogni.
Absent due to travel - Wayne Lampert, Paul Cook, Paul Alterman, Lee Smolinski, Sandy Saposnick, Teresa Nix.

Meeting called to order at 5:30 - without a quorum present no official votes were taken. The attending members discussed the following:

Secretary's Report: January's minutes were reviewed with no suggested changes or corrections.

Treasurer's Report: Carlos Banks reviewed the club's January financial report and gave an update on the remaining accounts receivable. As of February 20th remaining accounts receivable are for David Goodis - Lee Smolinski will deal with this and Jim Ponce - Dick Stafford will discuss this with Jim at the dinner. The club's annual dues have been paid to SKAL in the amount of $4,253.00.

SIUSA Representatives Report: In Lee's absence all issues will be discussed at the March meeting when we will also select the individuals the club wants to vote for in the SIUSA election that ends on April 15th.

Committee Reports:

Future Programs:

Dick Stafford reviewed the upcoming venues:

March Meeting - Mario's Restaurant in Boca Raton
April Meeting - Airport Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach
May Meeting - Cypress Creak Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale
June Meeting - Rocky's Italian Bistro in Delray Beach

Membership - The club has 43 members after losing 5 who did not renew their membership for 2007. We will be adding 2 new members this month - Fred Ghadimi the General Manager of the Hilton in West Palm Beach and the Hilton's Director of Sales, Michael Wright.


It was announced that Cindy Christen's father passed away recently and Gary Cole a previous member was killed in a motorcycle accident last month. Scotty Cassidy is in the hospital.

Other Business: - The program for the April 17th Installation of Officers and the Club's 30th anniversary dinner at the Hilton was discussed. The President's of SIUSA and NAASC will attend. Several issues requiring board approval were discussed. Those issues will be sent to the board by e-mail for approval.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20PM.