Minutes of Board Meeting
Mario's of Boca
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Those present at the meeting were: Dick Stafford, Paul Cook, Carlos Banks, Paul Alterman, Sandy Saposnick, Teresa Nix, Joe Ogni, Lee Smolinski, Peter Berlin
Absent: Wayne Lampert

Secretary's Report: Motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the last two meetings was made and passed. Minutes accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Carlos Banks read the report and a motion was made to accept as read. Treasurer's report accepted.

SIUSA Representatives Report: Lee Smolinski announced nominees for SIUSA office, candidates were selected and motion was made to accept those nominees that we will vote for.

Golf Tournament: Being hosted by Region IV , July 27 -29 to be held in Fort Lauderdale. Our club will continue to hold its own summer golf tournament in mid June.

NAASC Congress: No decision at this time as to who will represent us at this meeting.

Future Programs: Installation Dinner - April, Palm Beach Airport Hilton
May Meeting - Cypress Creek Marriott
June Meeting - Rocky's Italian Bistro, Delray Beach

Membership: 45 Members

Charity: It was decided to investigate our selecting of the Adam Walsh Foundation as our local charity.

Other Business:: A motion was made and passed to have the Presidents chain adapted to hold additional links as the present chain is maxed out.

A motion was made to accept and pass the Document Retention Policy for new officers outlining the responsibilities for keeping records for each officer.

A motion to adjourn was made at 6:15pm.