Minutes of Board Meeting
Rocky's Italian Bistro
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Call to Meeting at 5:05PM
Present: Peter Berlin - Vice President, Carlos Banks - Treasurer, Lee Smolinski - SIUSA Rep, Dick Stafford, Joe Ogni, Teresa Nix
Absent: Wayne Lampert, Paul Alterman, Paul Cook

Secretary's Report: May minutes were approved as submitted.

Treasurer's Report: Carlos Banks reported a profit of $286.29 for the May meeting and $755.44 for the golf outing. As of May 31, 2007, the balance in the checking account was $7,297.04. Motion to accept was made and passed.

Carlos reported that the tax exempt status with the IRS was submitted.

Lee Smolinski expense report for the NAASC Congress, motion to accept was made and approved.

SIUSA Report: Lee Smolinski - Lee Smolinski reported about the NAASC Congress and SIUSA AGM in Cabo. Lee reported about the concerns, especially in NAASC and about the SIUSA Auditors Report. Orlando was named NAASC Club of the Year. Our Club was also in the running. Our Club has been nominated for the SKAL International Club of the Year award. Region IV Summer Golf Tournament is tentatively scheduled for July 27-29, 2007 and will now be hosted by SI Tampa Bay. Skal World Congress November 4-9, 2007 Antalya, Turkey. Future NAASC Congress - 2008 Montego Bay, Jamaica and 2009 Anchorage.

Carlos submitted to Skal International, the updated Statues for our Club.

Committee Reports:

Future Programs and Locations:

June Rocky's Italian Bistro - Delray Beach
Sept Pete's in Boca Raton
Oct Marriott Heron Bay in Coral Springs
Nov Columbia Restaurant, West Palm
Dec Holiday Party at the Bridge Restaurant - Boca Raton
Jan Culinary Art Institute

Membership: Carlos Banks - 47 Members as of this date. There are 3 possible new members.

Note: Since the Board meeting Ufuk Tukel of WMPH Vacations and Beth Cohen Knott of Costa Cruise Line have submitted applications. Once approved will bring the Club up to 49 members.

Media, PR & Marketing Communications: Lee Smolinski presented the idea of doing press releases.

Auction and Raffles: Tim Digby is working on auction items for Golf Tournament. Joe Ogni will assist on check in and overall management of the golf tournament.

Welfare - No Discussion

Monthly Newsletter - No Discussion

Correspondence - No Discussion

Old Business - None

New Business - None

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40PM

Submitted by:

Carlos Banks