Minutes of Board Meeting
Hilton Hotel, Deerifeld Beach
September 18, 2007

Wayne Lampert, President
Peter Berlin, Vice President
Paul Cook, Secretary
Carlos Banks, Treasurer
Lee Smolinski, SIUSA Rep
Paul Alterman
Dick Stafford

Joe Ogni

Secretary's Report: Reviewed and approval of August minutes.

Treasurer's Report: - Reviewed and approved.
A proposed charge to establish a reserve fund was discussed and a charge of $2.00 per member/year will be made for deposit to a reserve fund for extraordinary expenses rather than a direct raising of the dues beginning Jan., 2008.

SIUSA Representative's Report
Wayne Lampert will attend the conference in Turkey. No action to be taken regarding the delayed requests for audit reports from SIUSA. Motion to accept the report made and approved.

Committee Reports Future Venues:

October 16, 2007 Marriott Heron Bay in Coral Springs
November 13, 2007 Columbia Restaurant, West Palm Beach
December 18, 2007 Holiday Party at the Bridge Restaurant - Boca Raton
January 15, 2008 Chef's Palate, Culinary Art Institute, Ft. Lauderdale
February 19, 2008 Marriott Hotel, West Palm Beach

Holiday Dinner: - Auction committee to be chaired by Dick Stafford.

Membership Committee: 46 potential members from the Miami club, pending verification of their domicile. SIUSA has been notified to make a decision regarding this matter. A list of these members will be furnished to the SIUSA representative for further action.

It was announced that Carlos Banks has been employed by New Vision Travel as Group and Incentive Tour Manager.

Young SKAL: Both Teresa Nix and Carlos Banks are in touch with Johnson & Wales to determine whether there is interest in, and of, their students in Young Skal. Presentations to this group and others to be made by Teresa and Lee Smolinski.

December Cruise: Dates for the cruise are December 8 - 10. Rate to be charged is $120 per person and guests will also be considered.

Skal Club Election: Lee Smolinski will set up a committee for a slate for 2008-2009.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Cook
Secretary, Skal International, Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beaches